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Roberto Filipelli

Azure Go To Market Director for Italy - Microsoft

Roberto Filipelli will carry end-to-end accountability for Microsoft Cloud business in the Italian market including planning, execution and governance across revenue, scorecard and share acquisition, as well providing data and insights to support and drive effective business prioritization and decision-making.

Previously, he was Azure Application and Infrastructure Partner Development Director at Microsoft Western Europe with responsibility that span all the four regional clusters (ALPS, BENELUX, NORDICS, IBERIA); with his team, he leads the Microsoft Cloud adoption on Top Partners to help Customers in their journey to the Digital Transformation, developing and fostering Cloud solutions, including Industrial IoT products and services.

More recent experiences in his Microsoft’s journey include: Sales and Business Development Director, Sales Director of Top Manufacturing Accounts, Sales Director of Corporate Accounts, Sales Director of Microsoft Server & Tools.

Roberto joined Microsoft as Software Architect, early taking the lead of Microsoft Application Server Architects team.

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